Welcome to Paravoid!

Welcome to Paravoid design & production bureau! We work with most things in the fields of graphic design, video, web and multimedia production. We started our business in the year of 2000 and have a broad experience, both in working directly towards clients, together with a marketing agency, as well as in different forms of integrated cooperation. If you want to know more about what we can help you with, then just give us a call and we will tell you more!


"In the cut between heaven and earth, surface and content, word and image"

Client list

Here are some of the clients we have worked with over the years.

5050Poker, AbsoluteForce Intl, All Gold Tattoo, ArtRosa, AstraTech, Astra Zeneca, Atlet AB, Belok, Black Forest Ops, Brutala Blommor, Börjessons, Circus Kommunikation, CityTattoo, Capio, Corega, Databutiken, David Lega, Dcor & Dsign, Doxa, Dynagraph, EA SPORTS, Futuredrome / Soul B.I.G, Fenix Reklambyrå, Gadgetec, GlaxoSmithKline, GotEvent, Grey Reklambyrå, Göteborgs Parkförvaltning, Herwo AB, High Chaparral, Horreds Möbeldesign, Hotell Södra Berget, Icebug, Image & Form, Ingvar Oldsberg, Kavo, Knippla Fisk, Kunskapens Hus/ Innovatum, Lactacyd, Ladbrokes, Leatherotica, Legawear, Länsförsäkringar, Masthuggskliniken, Media Entertainment Group, Mercur AB, Michael Södermalm, Monica Palmqvist, Moventus/Yogaflow, MQ, MTI International, Natural HealthLink, NFO Infratest, Nidingbane, Olmed Operation, Olof Röhlander, Outdoors Life, PBT Fencing, Penboost Solutions, Photo2Press, Pinjata, Proliva, Pulse Fitness, Pär Olemyr, Reddish Design, Rhino Reklambyrå, Rosell-Propeller reklambyrå, Rut&Jag, Rådet för Kommunal Redovisning, Scandinavian Minigolf, SEB, Shout Reklambyrå, Sensodyne, Schackbutiken, Schackslottet, Schacknytt, SKF, Solarieagenturer,, Sportal, Steinbrenner & Nyberg,, Susanne Stensson, Svenska Schackförbundet, Svenska Mässan AB, SwedEntertainment, Tinkertown, TNS Gallup, Valentin Byhr & Partners, Vattenkvalite AB, VisuTech, VolvoIT, Volvo Finans, Vägverket, WestCoast Electric Tattooing