Most of our web work today is done with WordPress and special tools which allow us to create considerably more complex and interesting layouts, beyond what WordPress normally can manage. For eCommerce we of course also work with WooCommerce and implement and configure both the system and payment solutions. Furthermore we also have good knowledge about security solutions that will protect your site, as well as other “plugins” that adds extended functionality at low cost. Educating on the use of WordPress is naturally also part of our services.

We have also worked with other eCommerce solutions, e.g. Prestashop.

We work with everything from smaller, local, and medium-sized clients like e.g. Steinbrenner & Nyberg, to large, international corporations, and over the years we have worked with some of the largest, e.g. GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Tech, Astra Zeneca, SKF and Volvo.